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Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design

IVEL Consult helps clients formulate and implement solutions for maximizing energy efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Clients
include individual, commercial and industrial entities as well as institutional and government organizations. Our services include:

Energy project development, design and management: We perform facility energy audits, conceptual/detailed designs to help owners and other concerned parties select and implement the most appropriate energy efficiency projects. In addition, we conduct feasibility studies and develop requests for proposals to implement energy efficiency, load management, distributed generation, and renewable energy projects. Acting as owner's representatives or project managers for the implementation of such projects, we review proposals and audits from third parties, assist in contract negotiation, and observe construction. We support third-party financed and performance contracting arrangements for energy efficiency, load management, and cogeneration projects.

Energy financing facility marketing and administration: We provide support to marketing and outreach of the requirements and benefits of the energy efficiency facility as well ensure that the technical criteria of the financing facility are clearly defined, consistently applied and updated. We design and establish efficient tracking, monitoring and reporting systems making best use of our proprietary software products to ensure that any grant funding or rebates are disbursed in line with the eligibility criteria and is supported by an appropriate level of validation to avoid misuse and fraud.

Energy and building systems commissioning: We provide consulting in the area of HVAC and other building systems commissioning and troubleshooting. Depending on the situation, we follow EU, Bulgarian and FSU building codes, regulations and standards as well as all or part of EU, ASHRAE Guidelines for the HVAC Commissioning Process to organize and direct projects.

Energy savings measurement and verification (M&V): We design and implement measurement and verification (M&V) plans for building owners, energy services companies, utility programs, and government agencies drawing on the IPVMP and IFEEP.

Training: We provide capacity building and training for loan officers and brokers on sustainable energy solutions for the home and industry from a technical perspective. We also provide training on many aspects of energy system operation, energy management and performance contracting. Our staff has conducted training seminars and professional development classes in the EU and the FSU countries.




Architecture, Engineering & Project Management

Since 1998 we have been providing architectural, design and project management services for both public and private sector clients.
We provide comprehensive design services for planning, architecture and interior design. We are dedicated to the enhancement of community and the built environment through creative, quality, and appropriate design. As pioneers in energy efficiency our goal is always to create a highly sustainable design, exceeding the requirements of the Building Regulations and achieving at least a 'Very Good' BREEAM rating. Our primary objective is to maintain an organization of the scale and expertise to consistently provide design excellence.

The firm's multidisciplinary capabilities facilitate coordination during the design and construction process and insure superior results in overall scheduling and budget control. The depth of our expertise combined with the breadth of our services sets us apart.

Our range of projects include: residential, industrial facilities, educational, office, commercial, healthcare, interior design and aviation.


IVEL Consult provides legal counseling to housing associations, contractors, investors, project developers and energy consultants on energy related
projects in South East Europe as well as in the Former Soviet Union countries.
IVEL Consult has extensive experience in the development and negotiation of contracts for energy efficiency services and implementation of energy efficiency projects including rehabilitation of multi-family buildings and upgrading of industrial processes and energy systems.  

Since 1996, IVEL Consult has been continuously involved with legal consulting work and training support to energy efficiency programmes funded by the European Commission (EC), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the American Agency for International Development (USAID).


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