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Wood Farm Primary School, Oxford, UK  

IVEL Consult took part in the design of this primary school building with a total area of nearly 4500 sq.m. The building, located on a brown-filed site includes the demolition and rebuilding of on existing school with construction work carried out in 3 phases, estimated to exceed £10 million.

The scheme involves the use of sustainable materials in accordance with principles set out in PPS1: Delivering Sustainable Development (2005) and is designed to achieve a ‘Very Good” BREEAM rating.

The facades of the new building consist mainly of heavily insulated cavity brickwork walls and energy efficient glazing with the exception of three curvilinear blocks which have an external coloured render finish, adding visual interest to the site from the streetscape. The externally fitted louvers to the south elevation reduce the solar gain and add to the appearance of the building.

The scheme consists of a fully integrated school catering for all existing user groups with enhanced facilities for community use. The main teaching accommodation including the nursery playrooms have been arranged in two arcs connected by the Foundation 1 stage pavilion. This two storey teaching zone provides space for the youngest children at ground floor level with access to external gardens for the nursery and outdoor play / learning spaces for Key Stage 1. The main entrances are indicated by two elliptical forms, one which accommodates the Children’s Centre cafe and the other the Primary school administration / reception area.

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