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Energoremont, Plovdiv, Bulgaria  

IVEL Consult was appointed by the Client (Energoremont) as their architect and lead consultant for the design, co-ordination, project management and supervision of this mixed-use building.

The design maximises use of natural ventilation and daylight and incorporates high levels of insulation, energy efficient glazing and curtain walling. Energy efficient lighting and heating systems has been utilised in the building.

The scheme comprises 3000 sq m workshop area developed on one floor and 1200 sq m administrative and welfare facilities incorporated into the northern part of the main building, spread over four floors. The building was initially designed with a deconstructive and dynamic touch to the administrative wing, accentuating its separation from the workshop area, but due to budget constraints was revised and simplified at detailed proposal stage.

The project value totalled around £3 million.

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