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Sunrise Senior Living, Eastbourne, UK  

IVEL Consult took part in the design, co-ordination and project management of this assisted living home with a total floor area exceeding 7500 sq m and a project value of £14 million.

The home was designed to exceed current and anticipated future legislation. It was developed on a brown-field site, within an urban area, thereby optimising the use of previously developed land. Where possible construction materials were reused from demolition and new ones specified from local sources in order to minimise transportation. Low energy design was incorporated as far as was practicable into the services design. Energy efficient glazing was specified throughout and all insulation had zero ozone depletion with a global warming potential of less than five. The building achieved a "Very Good" BREEAM rating.

The use of mixtures of traditional wall facing materials such as brickwork and render features has been used to reflect the local architectural environment, to provide interest and variation within the elevations, and also to provide additional historic reference points. These materials can be found on properties in the local area. The inclusion of architectural features within the roof-scape, such as the chimneys, buttresses and gables, assisted in breaking up the overall roof form and providing further variation and interest.

The building uses very good architectural and landscape design to provide a high quality environment for the frail elderly to live in. The quality of the building design also provides a positive response to the landscape character of the wider area.

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