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Sunrise Senior Living, Beaconsfield, UK  

IVEL Consult took part in the design, co-ordination and project management of this assisted living home with a total floor area of around 6500 sq m and a project value of £12 million.

The building has been designed to exceed current and anticipated future legislation. It has been developed on a brown-field site, within an urban area, thereby optimising the use of previously developed land. Some of the construction materials have been recovered from demolition and earth moving operations. Where possible construction materials have been specified from local sources in order to minimise transportation. Timber has been specified from sustainable sources and all insulation has zero ozone depletion with a global warming potential of less than five.

The sustainable approach to design is anticipated to extend the life of the building and reduce the need for major future alterations or rebuilding construction work.

In order to best reflect the local environment and make efficient use of the site area, the care home has been developed as a central annex with two linked residential wings forming an ‘open courtyard’. Varying setbacks set within the main elevations, together with changes in the roof form, ridge lines, eaves lines and low level canopies, have been provided to accentuate the separation between and within these elements. The individual identities of the three wings have been accentuated by the use of some contrasting wall facing materials, roof form and variance of fenestration. The central element includes a ground floor canopy roof-scape to provide both emphasis on the main entrance and to contrast with the adjoining wings.

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