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Millennium Houses development, Twekesbury, UK  

IVEL Consult took part in this architectural competition run by Tewkesbury Borough Council, intended to produce a housing development site on the outskirts of Tewkesbury to mark the Millennium. The houses were designed to make an outstanding architectural and sustainable statement and this was accomplished in the layout of the houses as well as the environmentally friendly and energy efficient design of the scheme.

The site layout was optimised to provide solar access for all homes. Most of the dwellings were oriented with their long axis running east-west with minimised east- and west-facing windows to improve passive solar performance.

Energy-efficient windows (double-paned, low-conductivity frames with low-e coating) were planned to be utilised in the final proposal.

During the detailed design phase the use of on-site renewable energy sources were planned to be investigated, including a review of the use of photo-voltaics, wind power, biomass boilers and other technologies.

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