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Gatwick South Terminal, PMB Building, London, UK  

IVEL Consult took part in the design of Gatwick's South terminal Baggage Replacement Project incorporating a new five storey PMB (Pre Make up buffer) building with a total floor area of nearly 10000 sq.m. and refurbishment of the existing Baggage hall and Mezzanine areas with total floor area of 20000 sq.m. The project value was estimated to exceed £115 million.

The South Terminal baggage handling extension and refurbishment has been developed within the overall sustainability plan for Gatwick Airport. A number of fixed asset energy targets have been set by both BAA and GAL. The new baggage system has been designed with an efficient plant system that requires less energy, incorporating smart software and controls adapting to the operating conditions. The new belt conveyors system offers reduced power consumption also resulting in reduced cooling loads to the baggage hall.

The general massing of the new five storey extension has been developed from the function of the building and is stepped down in response to existing airport constraints (particularly aeronautical surfaces restrictions) whilst also respecting the existing Terminal building form and context.

The South Terminal has experienced significant extension and alteration over its life. Therefore, in order to maintain a consistent approach the South West corner of the Terminal has been designed as a simple architectural form, reflecting the most recent surroundings as context and continuing the design of the existing main airside elevation.

The five storey element of the development extrapolates from the current elevation to maintain the existing main form and fenestration. The area with the lower roof level follows the aeronautical constraints and is similarly detailed to the main Terminal, keeping a visually consistent approach.

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