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Energy Auditing and Building Certification  

IVEL Consult and its associates have conducted many energy efficiency audits and surveys for a wide range of clients in the EU and the FSU countries focusing on identifying energy efficiency measures, collecting onsite information, monitoring selected equipment, estimating energy savings, and delivering audit reports.

IVEL Consult has made substantial investments in modern energy auditing equipment from flue gas analysers to ultrasound flow meters and data loggers that enable us to provide high quality energy efficiency recommendations.

We follow through beyond the audit stage on many projects, because audits alone do not save energy. IVEL Consult has extensive qualifications in each element of project implementation: detailed feasibility study, detail designs, financing, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and start-up, operator training, maintenance and results monitoring. We provide technical assistance at any stage, or hand over a complete turnkey project to the client, on budget and on time. The types of projects, many of which have been international, range from lighting and HVAC improvements to waste heat recovery and cogeneration systems. The kinds of facilities where we have executed these projects include: residential, commercial and industrial buildings; steel mills, wineries, food processing facilities, cold storages, paper plants, glass factories, manufacturing and mining facilities.

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