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Residential Building, Dnepar 1, Plovdiv, Bulgaria  

IVEL Consult was commissioned to design this 6 storey residential building located in the central part of the city with a total floor area of nearly 1000 sq.m.

The building has been developed in accordance with the principles of sustainable design.

An underfloor heating has been specified, provided by ground source heat pump making use of the renewable energy stored in the ground and significantly reducing the heating/cooling electricity bills.
Solar panels are utilized on the roof of the building, highly efficient external insulation is carefully designed to fully enclose the building, avoiding any potential cold bridging.

The energy efficient full height glazing on the south elevation and the ground floor both provides a visual link with the external environment and reduces the heat losses. As well as reducing the solar gain the external timber louvers fitted on the south and west elevations add to the appearance of the building.

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