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Bulgarian Telecommunication Company, Plovdiv, Bulgaria  

IVEL Consult designed and implemented a comprehensive sustainable energy programme in a wide range of buildings owned or leased by the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (BTC).

BTC is the largest telecommunication operator in Bulgaria and one of the largest energy consumers. It occupies about 3,000 buildings scattered all over the country. The main goal was to develop a long-term energy efficiency programme for BTC targeting savings of no less than 20% of the actual total energy consumption. The programme and all energy audits were carried out by Ivel Consult and Energy Efficient Systems Ltd. in cooperation with specialists from the BTC during 1998 - 2003. The project completed the following tasks:

Energy survey of buildings of the Regional Telecom Plovdiv

Energy survey in the second largest regional branch of BTC in Plovdiv, including 160 buildings;

Detailed questionnaire, comprising building data, installed equipment, energy consumption, etc.

Specific energy consumption index of each building;

Walk-through energy audits in 5 representative buildings.

Implementation of 14 pilot energy saving projects in the Regional Telecom Plovdiv, including measures, such as

Energy monitoring and control systems;

Installation of energy use measurement devices;

Efficient electricity supply of the telephone exchanges;

Power factor improvement;

Efficient lighting systems;

Windows replacement and weatherisation;

Installation of heat saving window films;

Installation of new air-conditioning systems

Boiler house efficiency improvement including modern controls and efficient burner replacements;

Automation of central heating substations;

Temperature controls in premises.

Measurement and verification of the savings from the pilot projects in Plovdiv.
Measurement and verification monitoring for 12 months after the implementation of the ECMs, based on the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

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