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Sunrise Senior Living, Brentwood, UK  

IVEL Consult took part in the design, co-ordination and project management of this assisted living home with a total floor area of around 10000 sq m and a project value of £18 million.

Water treatment systems was utilised in order to reduce energy consumption and boiler plant sizes. Consideration was given to the use of zone control valves for the different building zones with local user controls to allow for the use of variable speed circulating pumps. Low Nox boilers were specified with levels lower than 35 mg/KWhr. Energy meters and sub-meters were provided to ensure that 90% of the estimated annual energy consumption of each fuel was accounted for. These included boilers, water heaters, kitchen equipment, commercial laundry equipment, chillers, motor control centres and some final electrical distribution boards.

The building was designed to make strong references to older buildings within the area focussing on the Victorian and Edwardian periods, the architectural characteristics of which can be seen to have influenced areas of development in the Brentwood area. The external fabric of the home provided a traditional appearance that enabled the building to site in harmony with its surroundings.

The provision of a combination of architectural features such as gables and bays, low level porches, and window surround details, was intended to enliven and break down the elevation form, and provide specific historical and local reference points.
The central element of the building included larger glazed panels set within render to provide both visual emphasis on the core element and contrast with the two adjoining brickwork residential elements.
The use of harmonised brickwork and common roof tile materials, together with common architectural features across all three elements provided overall building identity and harmony.

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