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Broadford Primary School, Romford, UK  

IVEL Consult took part in the design of this primary school building providing 1600 sq.m. of new floor space on one floor with changes in level accommodated by shallow ramps. The building partially replaces an existing school building with a total floor area of 2400 sq.m. out of which 1600 are demolished and replaced by the new scheme.

The building is designed to achieve a BREEAM Education 2008 rating of ‘Very Good’. It is highly insulated and has good air-tightness so as to efficiently control energy consumption.
In order to achieve or exceed the 20% reduction in CO2 emissions as required by the Havering SPD on-site renewable energy technologies were considered as part of the detailed design stage and several options implemented for use on the development: Solar PVs, Biomass heating, Ground source heat pumps. Wherever possible materials with low embodied energy and low environmental impact have been specified and waste minimised through the use of recycled materials and recycling construction waste.
In addition the external elements of the structure were designed with low U Values exceeding the requirements of Part L (2006). High performance glazing, energy efficient lighting, advanced heating controls via a BMS system and high efficiency plant equipment have been specified.

The orientation of the site and its topography have been assessed and the building positioned in a way to maximize the levels of natural daylight entering the building whilst minimizing the potential of overheating from solar gain.

The scheme uses a palette of materials borrowed from the existing KS1 block which utilises render, yellow brick and standing seam roofs. The materials have been used in a way which articulates the different elements and functions of the school and helps to break down the mass. The use of a variety of render colours also provides a degree of orientation around the school. The mono-pitch roofs allow the teaching accommodation to benefit from cross ventilation and good day lighting whilst keeping the form relatively compact. The pitched roofs are finished with a single ply membrane and standing seam ribs to offer a modern appearance and a sustainable solution.

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